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Hotel Kapok Wuxi-Cityheart

Hotel Kapok Wuxi-Cityheart is located in the West Canal Road, with mountains and water, living in downtown alone quiet; Back to the Kangxi Qianlong Jiangnan Xihui mountain - Longguang pagoda, Huguang pagoda shadow temple bell; It is adjacent to the Beijing Hangzhou canal. The small waves are shining on the bank. ? The hotel is affiliated to China Resources Group, which is elaborately built by Australian designers. The guest rooms are floor to floor with bay windows, and the landscape is comfortable. There are large screen LCD TV, wireless Internet, fashion books in the leisure area of the hotel floor. You can enjoy tea with three or five friends; The room has high-speed broadband Internet interface, wireless Internet, 'tropical rain forest' bathroom, satellite channel and other complete facilities; There are 28 distinctive pillows and 8 bath fragrances to choose from.

Breakfast price: CNY60($8.3) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Hotel Kapok Wuxi-Cityheart
Tel: +86-510-80266999
Add.: 288 Yunhe West Road, near Xihui Park